Golden Ticket 50th Anniversary Gala

Golden Ticket 50th Anniversary Gala

The Good Child 50th anniversary ‘Golden Ticket’ Gala is finally here! On September 19, 2019, join us at the Racebrook Country Club in Orange, CT to celebrate the developmental achievements made by the Good Child Development Center over the past 50 years. Our center helps with child development providing nourishment, emotional learning, creative arts and more to stimulate the child’s brain. Join us soon for a Willy Wonka chocolate filled event; so close you can taste it!

This event will honor Gloria Hayes, who was the former executive director of the Good Child Development Center for the past 40 years. All proceeds will go to the Gloria Hayes Educational Foundation to help raise money for those who cannot afford to attend the Good Child Development Center. Your donation will help sponsor a child in the Milford district to attend our center, providing them with the education and development needed to help and inspire them to give back to the community.

The Willy Wonka themed, adults-only gala will include ‘Everlasting Fizzy Lifting Drinks’ with an open bar from 7-9pm, mini plates and carving station, live music from the RumRunners band, guest speakers and more! There will even be a Golden Goose Chocolate Factory Venetian Table, inspired by the Golden Goose Chocolate Egg.

Celebrate the night as the lucky finder of the coveted Golden ticket and enjoy a fun replication of the Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory tour. Enjoy a fun-filled night all for a great cause! You can purchase the Golden Ticket here. Your donation will help pave the way to a child’s successful future, so they too can have their own Golden Ticket for a brighter future!

Spring Newsletter

Spring Newsletter

The winter season is finally over. As we get ready for the spring and summer months, we would like you to know of some changes Good Child has made. I hope you have all had a chance to read the minutes about our security measures with Milford PD, the parent meetings regarding its findings and proposal. We are in the process of getting estimates completed for the
proposed security upgrades. PAC, which stands for Parent Advisory Council started in April and has already kicked off strongly. Please check our new website and mission statement, as well as joining us for upcoming events.

Thank You,


Holiday Luncheon 2017

Holiday Luncheon 2017

We recently had a holiday luncheon last year for our preschool students and parents. This was a fun time for students to spend time with their classmates outside of the classroom and and experience real life settings. In the day time, the students come to learn and stimulate creativity and thinking.

The luncheon was still apart of the development process, as students were able to encounter both students and parents from diverse backgrounds and cultures. As our society is ever changing, students must adapt to the differences both inside and outside of the classroom. Students learn a deeper understanding of those who are different from us.

It is important for students to develop different human relationships to adjust better to a school environment, to be eager to learn more about other cultures and create environments that give themselves and other students around them the confidence to be themselves.

The students were able to fully engage in an environment outside of the classroom, showing progress and growth that will help them reach a bright future. Teaching acceptance of others in school will help with academic performance and engaging with people outside of school. This is an important step to develop our children’s understanding and tolerance of others, helping them contribute to their Milford community in a positive way.

Fall 2017 Newsletter

I am very excited about opening Toddler Room 105! I look forward to being a part of your child’s life while they are at school.  Please feel free to come in and look at their art work and the pictures of their day. The children are doing a great job transitioning to their new classroom and gaining independence.  We are practicing using forks and spoons to eat, using cups and sippy cups, instead of bottles.

We will be following a weekly curriculum, which is posted on the Family Board.  In addition, we will be learning a new letter every week and a color of the month.  The children will learn to say the color name in English and Spanish.  For October, our color is orange/anaranjado.

During the Fall months, we will be exploring leaves outside and collecting them for our sensory bin. We will also be seeing and feeling the inside of a pumpkin, painting with corn and acorns.  We will be talking about farms, the foods they grow and the animals that live on them.  We will also talk to them about the Fall holidays.

This season, we welcomed 3 new babies in Infant Room 106! Joining us are Kyla, Aubrey and Desmond, adding to our wonderful group of little explorers! We have had fun this season, decorating our room with “ghost feet”, “feet-of-corn” (instead of “ears-of-corn”), and our one-of-a-kind “Frankin’ Feet”.  The babies have enjoyed tummy time to help them start crawling and rolling over. All of our explorers have become fond of our circle time.  The “ABC” and “Look who came to School Today” songs have become popular requests.  Be sure to check out our “Wonder Train” in the Great Room, if you haven’t yet.  We are excited for our Fall Jamboree and our Halloween Parade coming up very soon! Please dress up your child, if you would like, for our Halloween Parade. Happy Harvest!

Summer has just ended and Fall is just beginning for our Jitter Bugs in Toddler Room 107! It’s a great time to go apple and pumpkin picking. Enjoy the crisp Fall wind, the different color leaves on the trees with just a little sun kiss.  This newsletter will cover the next three beautiful holiday months. Family projects will also be sent home on Friday’s for you and your little ones to do together.

The weather is starting to get chilly and we will need our Jitter Bug parents to switch out summer clothes for something a little warmer, i.e. long sleeve shirts, pants and a light jacket.

We are going to be teaching shapes and how to use scissors. We will continue to potty-train, as well as teach colors, ABC’s, taking turns, sharing, rules of our classroom, counting 1-20 in English and Spanish, different animals and the sounds they make.

We ask every family to please bring in a small pumpkin so we can paint them on October 27th. Our Halloween party will be Tuesday, October 31st. You may bring your child in his/her costume for the party and we will take their

Greetings from Toddler Room 108! We all had a good summer with lots of water play activities and buggy walks around our neighborhood. Now, as Fall approaches, our classroom is growing and changing.  Erick just celebrated his 3rd and has gone to Preschool.  His friends are really missing him but he is making lots of new friends in Room 102.  Joining us since our last newsletter are Reagan, Andrew and Karli.

With the Fall comes cooler weather, so please make sure to change out the summer clothes in your childrens’ bins for Fall clothes.  Also, a light jacket will be needed, as we go outside everyday, when weather permits.

Please send in some family photos if you have not already. We are beginning to display them on our family tree. When children see the photos in the classroom, it may help them feel more connected to their families during the day and also builds a sense of community in the classroom.

For the next couple of  months, we will be focusing on all things in the Fall.  We will be talking about the changes we see in the weather and the world around us.  We will be doing lots of apple, pumpkin, and leaf-themed activities.  We hope you can all join us for our Jamboree on Saturday, October 14th, from 11:00 – 4:00 p.m.!

In Preschool Room 109, you may have noticed that we are introducing a new letter each week to the children. We will incorporate it throughout the classroom to practice letter recognition and their sounds. We will even begin to write them! The children have recently been interested in their feelings, so we are planning to spend time talking about them and reading stories about them to better understand them.  Along with our letters and feelings, we are entering into the holiday season! Be prepared to see fun festive art projects sent home and decorating going on in the classroom.  We will be talking a lot about the seasons and holidays coming up.  If you have any interest in sharing your family traditions, beliefs, or holidays that you celebrate, please feel free to let us know and share it with the classroom! Additionally, we are asking for family photos to share with our class for an “About Me” project we plan to do with the children.

               A NOTE FROM “MR. BILL”

Just a reminder that we would love to see all of you (please bring friends too!) at our Jamboree event on Saturday, October 14th, from 11:00 – 4:00 p.m. It will be a fun day, with food, a Bounce House, pumpkin-painting, face-painting, raffles, etc.

Our Halloween Parade will be held on Tuesday, October 31st from 10-11 a.m. and we invite all parents who can make it to come. Should be great fun for the kids!

Lastly, we will be closed Nov. 23-24 for Thanksgiving and Dec. 25-26 for Christmas. As always, thank you for supporting our school. Happy Fall!!

Jamboree Open House

Good Shepherd is having a Jamboree Open House on

Saturday, Oct. 14th …. From 11:00 to 4:00.

We will be selling tickets for:

  • Bounce House
  • Face painting
  • Finger painting
  • Color sand in bottles
  • Henna
  • Pumpkin Painting
  • Storytelling
  • Used Book Sale

We will be selling our New Logo T-Shirt

Our classrooms are making up theme baskets to raffle off and planning other fun activities for adults and children of all ages. We are inviting our families and asking that you bring friends too.  All are invited!  Join us for a fun filled day!

       Good Shepherd Child Development Center

       170 Old Point RD

       Milford, CT 06460

Ph. 203-874-8232

If you have any questions call  203-874-8232

2017 Graduation

2017 Graduation

Last year at Good Child, we had a celebration for the preschool graduating class of 2017. We proudly displayed works of our students from colorful artwork to student collages. Our students worked together on projects to stimulate creativity, intelligence and a leadership role to contribute to a less divisive world. Our diverse student body helps children learn the importance of working together in a fun environment.

As they grow up together and begin conversing with students different from them, they will realize they have more in common and less differences. When students converse with those from different backgrounds at a young age, it makes it much easier when they grow up to accept everyone in the community.

Our slideshow displayed all of our students throughout the semester building strong connections with children from diverse backgrounds. Our economically and ethnically diverse community helps our students to learn more about their community and look back on their school years as a place they will cherish. After the students graduated, they were left more prepared to participate in the community that we live and work.

We do our part as educators so our children can grow over time. Every child here will be able to have a positive effect on the Milford community and be able to represent its core values. If you are in or around the town of Milford and are interested in being a part of a community that gives back, contact Good Child today!