About Us

Good Child Development Center

Over 50 Years of Child Care Excellence

Our identity is more than a colorful, attractive logo…. it is a promise. A promise to the children we care for… a promise to the parents that entrust us with their child… a promise to our teachers and our employees… a promise to the community within which we live and work.

And what is that promise? That we will do our absolute best to stimulate and intellectually nourish every child under our care to be that “good child” that people love to talk about. No, we are not the parents and we could never take the place of that most important role. But your child will be exposed to us from morning to late afternoon and it is our obligation for Good Child Development Center to be the place they will cherish when they look back.

Every child will be exposed to children from diverse cultures and backgrounds. We like to refer to it as the true face of America. Why is this important? Because the earlier they encounter people of diverse backgrounds, the more they will build understanding and acceptance of each other.

If we do our job right, we prepare our children to be part of a vibrant community in Milford that they will nurture and grow over time. We will be a representation of Milford’s core values, being one piece, but a significant piece of the Good Community of Milford.

Our Mission

The mission of Good Child Development Center is to provide a learning and developmental environment, using a global approach. This philosophy integrates the child, the family and the community.


In 1968, the people of Wildermere Beach Congregational Church started developing the idea of opening a childcare center for the disadvantaged families living in the church’s neighborhood. They gave the center the name Good Shepherd Day Care Center, which opened in 1969.

Within a short time, the church discovered that the families they wanted to serve could not afford the real expense of childcare. The church sought help from the State of Connecticut. The State responded and began to supply partial funding so that parents could pay on a sliding scale.

In 1984, the Center moved from the Wildermere Beach Congregational Church to a larger facility at St Peter’s Episcopal Church. In October of 2008, Good Child Development Center moved into a facility that was designed and built for the program. It is now located at 170 Old Point Road in Milford. The center is now considered a “green” building and can accommodate more children.

In 2023, Good Child Development Center extended its services to the Town of Orange and surrounding neighbors with ABA specialized toddler and preschool center. Good Child Transitional Center will provide education and ABA services for children ages 2-6 years old.

Responding to the needs of the community, at the request of the Milford Child Care Consortium, Good Child Development Center created an infant and toddler program that opened in September of 1994.

Today, Good Child Development Center, Inc. remains a non-profit organization, governed by a Board of Directors. Good Day Care Center, Inc. is a “delegate agency” of the City of Milford. The program is partially funded by federal and state resources. Good Child Development Center is licensed by the State Department of Public Health.

The staff at Good Child includes an administrative staff, head-teachers, teachers, teacher assistants, cooks and custodians. All teaching staff is experienced in early childhood education.

All professional staff members participate in continuing education through workshops and classes sponsored by the Center as well as external courses. A staff member who has been certified in First Aid and CPR is on the premises at all times.

Because we are partially funded by the Office of Early Childhood (OEC), we are able to offer a sliding fee scale to a limited number of families. The sliding scale is available if the total gross family income is less than 75% of the state median income.


Good Child Development Center is non-denominational with a diverse demographic.