NAEYC Accredited Childcare

in Milford

NAEYC has made great strides in raising the standards for childcare centers. They have raised the educational requirements for teachers and staff as well as set standards for community and family engagement.

Good Child Development Center has put a lot of effort into achieving this accreditation and we actively embrace these standards, which include connections to the families and community.

Here are a few of the strict standards that our facility and programs adhere to.


We use developmentally appropriate and culturally effective teaching approaches that enhance each child’s learning and development in the context of the curriculum goals.

Staff Competency

Our entire teaching staff demonstrates the professional commitment necessary to promote children’s learning and development and to support families’ diverse needs and interests.


We are committed to establishing and maintaining collaborative relationships with each child’s family to foster children’s development in all settings.


We work with resources in the Milford and Greater New Haven communities to better connect families with resources that support children’s healthy development and learning.