Mother of 2 in Milford, CT

After visiting ALL other child care facilities in our hometown of Milford, Good Child provided the best environment with caring staff & state of the art security. I knew when I went to work my kids were safe and in good hands. When I was a brand new Mother, the staff at Good Child helped me adjust to my new role in life, instilling confidence in me and helped me understand my child’s development. As with any relationship, when I had concerns or questions, I would feel welcome to talk it over with Teachers and Staff. They are always willing to listen and help resolve concerns. If we have a third child, no doubt would we enroll them in Good Child again.

– Mother of 2 in Milford, CT

Akintoye’s Parent

Our experience was great and it was very hard leaving Good Child. Our son loved his teachers and he was able to easily adjust. He felt very welcome and at home. The staff were very friendly and always available to help. Will most definitely recommend to friends and family!

– Akintoye’s Parent

Stephen & Patricia

Our family had a positive experience at Good Child. The staff was warm, caring, and attentive to not only her needs but understanding our as her parents. The staff met our expectations in terms of her learning and development. We will be forever grateful to the staff. You were all like family!

– Stephen & Patricia

Holiday Luncheon 2017

Holiday Luncheon 2017

We recently had a holiday luncheon last year for our preschool students and parents. This was a fun time for students to spend time with their classmates outside of the classroom and and experience real life settings. In the day time, the students come to learn and stimulate creativity and thinking.

The luncheon was still apart of the development process, as students were able to encounter both students and parents from diverse backgrounds and cultures. As our society is ever changing, students must adapt to the differences both inside and outside of the classroom. Students learn a deeper understanding of those who are different from us.

It is important for students to develop different human relationships to adjust better to a school environment, to be eager to learn more about other cultures and create environments that give themselves and other students around them the confidence to be themselves.

The students were able to fully engage in an environment outside of the classroom, showing progress and growth that will help them reach a bright future. Teaching acceptance of others in school will help with academic performance and engaging with people outside of school. This is an important step to develop our children’s understanding and tolerance of others, helping them contribute to their Milford community in a positive way.