Last year at Good Child, we had a celebration for the preschool graduating class of 2017. We proudly displayed works of our students from colorful artwork to student collages. Our students worked together on projects to stimulate creativity, intelligence and a leadership role to contribute to a less divisive world. Our diverse student body helps children learn the importance of working together in a fun environment.

As they grow up together and begin conversing with students different from them, they will realize they have more in common and less differences. When students converse with those from different backgrounds at a young age, it makes it much easier when they grow up to accept everyone in the community.

Our slideshow displayed all of our students throughout the semester building strong connections with children from diverse backgrounds. Our economically and ethnically diverse community helps our students to learn more about their community and look back on their school years as a place they will cherish. After the students graduated, they were left more prepared to participate in the community that we live and work.

We do our part as educators so our children can grow over time. Every child here will be able to have a positive effect on the Milford community and be able to represent its core values. If you are in or around the town of Milford and are interested in being a part of a community that gives back, contact Good Child today!